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About The CoLaboratory

The CoLaboratory is a veggie oil powered community on wheels built on the intention of spreading the awareness of a more harmonious life. We are a troop of artists, writers, musicians, performers and filmmakers from all over the world drawn together to help educate and inspire others to commit to a positive change in their lives. We travel across the Americas in a school bus converted into an eco-friendly mobile home that primarily runs on waste vegetable oil. We teach workshops and share our art, all while building community. We have documented our entire journey and will be releasing it in a web series called The CoLaboratory.

The Friendship Tour is a journey that began in Canada and has taken us all the way through the US and Mexico to Guatemala. Along the way, we have been attending different events and gatherings like Shambhala Music Festival and Burning Man, to help convey through video how these events spread awareness. Our journey continued from Northern California with the North American Rainbow Caravan on through Arizona and Mexico to the World Rainbow Gathering in Guatemala running from November 1st (the Day of the Dead) through to December 1st, 2012. There we CoLaborated on creating Magic Universe and Tea Here Now, a tea house/art space at the gathering as well as displayed alternative energies like our veggie oil fuel system, solar power,  and various other technologies. At the end of the gathering, the bus packed up and took off with the World Rainbow Caravan to Palenque, Mexico for the Global Rainbow Gathering of the Tribes for the end of the Mayan Calendar; December 21st, 2012,  the dawning of a new age according to Mayan legend. It has been our role to document these powerful and important events in order to shed light on one of the world’s most incredible underground movements.

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